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1000 BA Interview Questions

1000 BA Interview Questions

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One may love or hate interviews, but one can’t avoid interviews in corporate world.

 We kept on receiving requests from our customers as to if we can help them in their BA interviews. However, it is hard to find a good compilation of interview questions which any professional can take advantage of. This book is an outcome of significant efforts from a team business analysts at Adaptive US.

 Key features of the book:

  • Questions divided among BA knowledge areas
  • Questions on contemporary BA aspects such as IoT, Social media, DevOps, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, AI, Machine learning, Big-data
  • Questions on human resource aspects
  • Questions with scenarios
  • Questions on requirements modeling

 We hope you will enjoy the book. We will be glad and thankful if you can share your feedbacks and suggestions on the book. Please provide your feedbacks and suggestions to


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